The High Friction Surface Treatment Association is the leading organization for the promotion and installation of high quality, long-term, durable High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST).

Mission Statement

We believe the following:

• We believe that a focus on enhancing roadway friction at specific locations with a known history of roadway departure crashes is the number one way to increase roadway safety in North America.

• We believe that quality matters—and that only the highest quality is acceptable when lives are at stake.

• We believe that high quality High Friction Surface Treatments only come from using the highest quality resins, highest quality calcined bauxite aggregate materials and highest quality installation processes.

• We believe that the most consistent, high production friction surface installation process is achieved by fully automated mechanized installation specifically designed for High Friction Surface Treatment. These purpose-built application machines reduce the chance for human error or inaccuracy that may result in less consistent friction or durability over the treatment area.

• We are dedicated to outreach, education and serving as a technical resource for the promotion of effective specifications, project scoping and plans throughout North America with agencies both large and small.

• We know that, unlike some other safety treatments, High Friction Surface Treatments do not require the input, attention or education of the driver. They operate invisibly without the awareness of the driver, in all roadway conditions, to enhance friction and increase roadway safety.

• We know that while other roadway surface treatments may enhance friction for a short time, they do not provide the long-term, durable, sustainable, and consistent high friction levels that have been proven to reduce crashes and increase roadway safety.

• We know that our efforts to promote, inform and install the highest quality High Friction Surface Treatments reduce crashes and saves lives every day.

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